All I want for Christmas…IS FOR IT TO GO AWAY

Hello comrades, how are we all? getting in the christmas spirit? Well I can some up my feelings up quite clearly.


Honestly, reasons I hate Christmas apart from being single, and all my friends not really being local means fun things at christmas are not fun. Do I want to go ice skating at 28 with my mum and dad? NO. Do I want to watch children sing carols? NO. I actually don’t like christmas regardless of my state of mind. I just find it annoying. 

Following reasons:


The idiotic photos


No I don’t want to wear that stupid hat, and sit next to someone I don’t speak to the rest of year. Or two years and have to pretend I give a shit that their kids are swimming champions, and yes, we might be related but I still don’t give a shit.

2. Traditions


Seriously. why should I conform to your stupid ideas of what I should be doing. I would rather cook myself a dinner other than turkey (I don’t like it) and watch UK Border Force marathons. Because quite frankly they are far more entertaining than the repeats of every christmas special that has been on for the past 20 years. Also no, I don’t want to go to christmas market to buy over priced crap, nor do I want to drink egg nog (wtf seriously), or count down how many days it is. THANK YOU.

3. The depression you all suffer after it is over.


I don’t like it, so when it is over I am happier. (Not a fan of NYE either but that’s a different story. ) But once January rolls around I am like thank fuck that shitty year is over, time to start again! But you lot, oh no it’s like the world has ended, and you KNOW this is going to happen, because IT HAPPENS EVERY FUCKING YEAR.  Don’t even get me started on how you all complain about poor you are.

Bah Humbug you as much you like, I will continue to hate on it. I just don’t care for it. Roll on January… I could give you many more reasons but quite frankly it is annoying me even talking about it.


From my non decorated house, to your probably decorated one.

I wish you a very merry NO.

(p.s i refuse to give christmas a capital letter out of spite, I am not that intellectually retarded in knowing it needs one)




  1. Kate said:

    I laughed my arse all the way off! Especially the grumpy cat comments 🙂 ❤

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