Reasons to get drunk RIGHT NOW!

As I sit here with my not so classy drink, I was trying to think of reasons I should be drunk, I don’t need to justify my actions but hey if it helps! So here are my  reasons you should get your drink one right now.


Well unless you live under a rock you will be aware evidently the world ends tomorrow, the fact Australia and NZ are fine shouldn’t stop you! I know that if the world does explode I would rather be drunk to deal with it, everything is better to deal with when drunk. No really.


Because it is nearly motherfucking christmas. I still don’t give a flying fuck about it. I also do not care for the stupid christmas photos of couples. WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT? no really? who? So pour yourself another bitches.


Never seen the film, but if Thor says it. We should.


Its christmas, no seriously for the next two weeks you can use this as an excuse to be drunk at 10am everyday.

Get your drink on!


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