It’s Friday! Lets Have a Discussion of why N*Sync Need a Come Back!


Back in the good old days, the war between N*Sync and BSB was more dangerous then the Bloods Vs Crips or something like that. Imagine if we had, had twitter? I dare to dream!


Oh they might have the dolls, the cardboard cut outs, and whatever else. But do you have lip balm pops like this? I think not!


I mean come on, you are not legit if you are not wearing shirts like this, NOT legit (I am looking at you One Direction)


Can any other boyband in the history of boybands do this every year? and still find it funny? NO. The answer you are looking for is NO.


Boybands used to dance, they loved those moves in sync (oh the pun!) so where are the moves now? I want some synchronized moves dammit!

So yea, I only have one question:


Off to get drunk and dance to N*SYNC, please join me won’t you?



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