Reasons why being an iceberg is better than being a human.

Icebergs are fucking BADASS no mother fucker messes with a mother fucking iceberg. Now before you say, say whhaaaattt ask anyone on the Titanic – these motherfuckers don’t mess around. Therefore here are my reasons why being an iceberg is better than being a human.


Icebergs don’t give a shit if you leave them, they don’t cry and eat ice cream, they just sit there being all amazing like ‘whatever ‘bro I’m a fucking iceberg’


Everybody loves icebergs, they are all ‘fuck yeah what an amazing spectacle’ ice cool just sits there all cool and shit.


Icebergs are sneaky fuckers, they look one size, and then POW they have a lot going on underneath.


Icebergs are friends with badass Polar bears. Seriously they love them, so do penguins and seals. Hanging with the cool crew there.


Do icebergs get crushes on guys? do they fall out with friends? Nah they spend their days chilling out, and floating around destroying shit. Icebergs for the win.

Time to find some ice(berg) for my whiskey.


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  1. Fuck honey badgers. Icebergs REALLY don’t give a fuck.

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