My name is not really Hettie Trueluck. (How cool would that be?)

I have been telling these stories to my friends of things that happen to me and then they said I should post them on the net, so here I am. (They might have just been, being kind, my bad)

I am 29

I hate all that flouncy happy clappy crap ‘Inspire your life, Love yourself’ FUCK OFF.

Oh I swear a lot

Sometimes I get drunk.

When I get drunk I post shit on the internet as I have no social life.

My spelling and grammar is shit, so don’t come here for that.

Ross from friends is my hero, so is Chandler.

I don’t have a baby, nor do I have a husband so don’t expect pictures of my happy family everywhere. I personally find it all a bit creepy ‘oh hey here is my kid, that looks like 8 billion other kids’

I have no idea about blogging so don’t expect some great blog layout, it won’t be.

I am actually happier than I have made out, cos reading that back I sound like a right moody cunt.

That’s it really.


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