Rice oh Rice (remember that song that went life, oh life?! Kind of make me sing rice oh rice like that)

I love me some rice, LIKE LOVE me some rice.However I have a problem with it comes to cooking rice.

I might well be cooking rice for, four people but in reality I make enough rice for 79 people. It just grows and grows, and no I am not someone who guestimates with rice, I follow the instructions, I read the labels, but nope a normal amount of rice I do not make.

This is not a one time experience, it is an EVERYTIME experience. Honestly rice hates me, I have tried talking to it softly as I cook it, urging those little grains to make just the right amount, I have tried singing little rice songs to it. But NO rice hates me.

So if you ever come over to my house for rice? expect at least 10 times more than you want on your plate, because it WILL HAPPEN.

Damn you little grains of deliciousness.